Charity for June/July 2019

Saturday 01 Jun 2019

Transport to treatment

Travelling to and from medical appointments is difficult for many people affected by cancer.  Cancer treatment usually occurs over an extended period of time and requires repeated attendance at facilities which may be far from home. Radiotherapy, in particular requires daily attendance for up to six weeks and a common side effect is fatigue.

Appropriate travel options to health services are vital.

Cancer Council NSW helps people affected by cancer and their carers travel to treatment in New South Wales.

Last financial year, Cancer Council supported 28 patient transport services. Our Transport to Treatment drivers made over 20,000 trips, covering more than 790,000 km.

To contact the Cancer Council NSW service that operates in your area, please call Cancer Council NSW on 13 11 20.

If you would like to volunteer to become a transport volunteer, please send an expression of interest to 

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