Local Parks

Local Parks

Commemoration Park

A local open space park on the banks of North Creek with a range of sheltered picnic facilities and playground containing swings, a multi tower play fort and spinner pole. 

Edgewater Park 

A small local park located in Edgewater Cove, with modern play equipment and spinning poles. 

Fawcett Park

A popular local park near the centre of Ballina located on the banks of the Richmond River with shaded play equipment, picnic tables, BBQ's, seating and river-side walkway. 

Ferngrove Park

A large open space oval with shaded play equipment, seating, picnic shelter and toilets.

John Kearny Park

A local open space park on Catherine Crescent, with shaded play equipment, swing set, seating and open kick and play space. 

Meldrum Park

A local park overlooking North Creek with a basket swing and supernova spinner, sheltered picnic facilities, BBQ's and public toilets. 

Missingham Park

A regional open space park with ample parking and a wide range of public amenities including grassed open spaces, access to walking trails and sandy beaches, a covered playground with supernova and pole spinners, swing set, liberty swing and multi element play-forts.  Missingham also contains the Ballina skate park, a stage with grassed amphitheatre, picnic shelters and BBQ's.