Property Management Guide

Owning and leasing a property can be a highly profitable venture, but renting out your investment can be challenging. Even the best tenants inevitabilty have demands, and attending to these requests, queries, and maintenance can be frustrating, stressful, and time consuming especially in you are not familiar with the tenancy laws of New South Wales.

One way to eliminate these problems is to make use of a property manager.

When searching for a property manager, you would do well to look locally. In real estate, having a sound knowledge of the local area of your property is crucial, and a local property manager will do better in this area than one who isn’t.

First National Wal Murray & Co has been operating since 1960 and has a long established back ground in property management with many Landlords that have been with us for well over a decade. We achieve this by having systems and procedures in place that have been developed over time and are always evolving, this together with experienced and knowledgeable property managers all looking after their own portfolio meaning you only have to deal with one person to get an answer not 4 or 5 people .

If you are considering renting out your property or purchasing a property to rent out, please give one of our friendly property managers a call or request an appraisal using the link on this page.

For more information about what our property management department can do for you, below is our free Property Management Guide 


Lismore Property Management Guide

Ballina Property Management Guide